Invest In The Best Start-Ups

Are you an investor who is looking for efficient and profitable way to invest? Want to save time in searching for ROI driven start-ups? Or you have invested in a start-up and now need to recover it as something went wrong?


We can do all this for you!

Any of those familiar to you?

    • How to find the Unicorns who will multiply your investment?
    • Who will train them how to lead the start-up idea to success?
    • How to save time when looking for start-ups with high potential?


Imagine your ideal world and you find it is right here!

    • Get access to pre-selected start-ups with high growth potential and the opportunity to work up closely with the innovative talent
    • Take part in start-up pitching competitions online to save your time
    • Invest in skills education for the team to evolve and bring results rather than let them simply swim and learn by try and error
    • Concentrate on selecting great ideas and we will get the team ready!


We know how important it is to have the best possible deal flow. Startup Booster connects startups with investors (angels, accelerators,incubators etc.) with startups from all around the world.

To improve your deal flow and get in contact with thousands of startups from primarily Europe.

Benefits of joining Startup Booster:
• Access to +15.000 Startups
• Pre-segmentation – get the startups you are looking for
• Pre-qualification – we match startups based on your criteria
• Quarterly pitch competitions
• Discount on Startup Booster services (improve your pitch, black-belt program, find co-investors, market and partner strategy and implementation etc.)

Watch our online pitching competition!

Are you ready to SAVE TIME and MAKE MONEY by investing in the right start-up and being backed up by a great business partner?

What you are getting:

  • We identify the Opportunity for you: based on your selected area of interest, start-up stage and investment amount.
  • You receive start-ups selection: regularly and you can always request information about your choice: skills they have, investment risks, readiness of the team for market challenges etc. We do pre-test for you and talk to them before they talk to you.
  • You will be invited to take part in online pitching competition among the start-ups we select.
  • You can get a discount for education, mentoring and project management for your selected start-up to make sure your investment is going to be a success. You can request from our professional team full project supervision on your behalf.
  • Use our professionals recover the start-up you have already invested in if it doesn’t work. Yes, we have our start-up recovery management program. Use our experience and practical knowledge for your benefit.

You have questions? Get in touch with us as we are here to help you.