We know how important it is to have the best possible dealflow. That is why we are contacting you.
Startup Booster connects startups with investors (angels, accelerators,incubators etc.) with startups from all around the world.
To our last pitch competition we had startups from 12 different countries.
We currently have +15.000 startups in our database growing every day and has local represenatives in Ireland, Germany and Denmark.
To improve your dealflow and get in contact with thousands of startups from primarly Europe:
Benefits of joining Startup Booster:
• Access to +15.000 Startups
• Pre-segmentation – get the startups you are looking for
• Pre-qualification – we match startups based on your critierias
• Quarterly pitch competitions
• Discount on Startup Booster services (improve your pitch, black-belt program, find co-investors, market and partner strategi and implementation etc.)
Price: €199 per month*


  • Get access to pre-selected start-ups with high growth potential and the opportunity to work up closely with the innovative talent
  • Invest in skills education for the team to evolve and bring results rather than let them simply swim and learn by try and error
  • Concentrate on selecting great ideas and we will get the team ready!



Tips for finding the start-up to invest in:

  • Identify the Opportunity: have a closer look at the idea and its scalability, check market opportunity and niche.
  • Know why the start-up needs investment: is it just for the sake of getting funding or is it necessary? What are they going to use investment for?
  • Consider the Business Structure in terms of its relevance to the idea and how the current business structure is working for the success of the business execution.
  • When should you expect ROI? Check how it is forecasted in the business plan and ask the right questions to find out the figures outlined in the financial part.  Compare them with current monetary achievements.
  • Have an Exit Strategy in your mind.

You have questions?  Please get in touch with us. We are here to help you.

Use our experience and practical knowledge for your benefit.