Ad Approaches: Styles To Take When Getting Your Product Out There

The advertising of products is, in many ways, the most fun part of business. You can let your mind go crazy with the most wonderful, bizarre and out-there ideas. Whatever it takes to get your product into the subconscious of your punters. Recent research shows that we are being exposed to 362 ads a day (without brand exposure) but only 3% of those ads will actually leave an impression on us. That is quite a task to get your product into the minds of your target market. What can you do to make your product, not only jump out there, but stay in the minds of your desired customers? If you are stuck for ideas, here are some fundamental approaches to take.

The Emotional Approach


You can create an ad that is flashy and caters for the lowest common demoninator with all style and no substance, but in doing this you are underestimating the people you are pushing the product towards. Nobody likes to feel that they are being condescended towards (talked down to – see what I did there?) so why even start at the bottom? Also, with the amount of high quality out there, people’s expectations are raised very highly before you begin. The amount of overwhelming ideas that can burrow into a person’s mind on any given day is high, so you need to be sure that your ad is a cut above the rest. Trying different platforms to reach a wider audience, like mobile billboards, is one of the more efficient methods of mass communication.

What types of content can you use?You can use a clever ad, without text that is funny, or you can use an ad to make your audience think, but the most successful method is to send a message that will ellicit an emotional reaction. Why? It resonates. There are many successful marketing campaigns on drink driving that pack a real punch, this is because it plays on our emotions. Making something that resonates rather than makes them laugh a little will be a lot more fulfilling.

How Is This Product Going To Improve Your Life?


A common approach is to not speak of the company and its many wonders, but rather show their product in a dynamic setting and how it will improve the customer’s life by being in it. As people, we don’t care for the small details, how hard the company has fought to stay in the market or how friendly and approachable they are. It may make you appreciate them on a business relationship level, but this is nothing to do with the product. Automobile ads where the car is driving on rough terrain, or across ice, these are dynamic, life threatening situations, and the ad shows that you will simply drive through these issues without difficulty. The methods of creativity that advertising companies use have to be that much more all-encompassing, as they may need to factor in a live event or more interactive ways of appealing to the customer. Ads are not a one-stop shop in appealing to lots of people, it’s a brand communicator and emotional reactor in one. Get the balance right, and you’ve done your job well.


Ad Approaches: Styles To Take When Getting Your Product Out There