Creative Ways To Take Your Office Security To The Next Level


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Most businesses already understand the importance of security. They get an alarm for the office and they invest in anti-virus software. In most cases, these basic precautions are enough to deter thieves. But criminals are increasingly becoming smarter. Small businesses especially have found themselves more regularly under attack from hackers. If you’re looking to tighten your security even more so, here are some small changes you may want to consider making.


Outsource online security


Cloud technology has helped businesses in countless ways, most significantly improving security. Storing all your files remotely means that even if you’re computers are stolen, hacked or damaged, you can still access all your information from another computer and keep work flowing. Many IT managed services are now not only offering cloud storage to clients, but disaster recovery and premium security software protection otherwise unaffordable to most small businesses. It’s the way to go in order to keep those files secure.


Obstruct windows


Windows aren’t just an easy access point for thieves, they’re also a great way of peeking in and taking a look what’s on offer. Obstructing windows with some thick curtains can be enough to put off most would-be burglars. By being unable to see your valuables, they won’t attempt to make a break in. You can also further obstruct windows against access – either with bars or wire meshing. You needn’t buy alarms for your windows unless they’re particularly vulnerable.


Nail your safe to wall


Having a safe is secure way of storing private physical documents. But whilst a burglar may not be able to break in, they may simply take off with it if it isn’t attached to any surface. The best way to combat this is to nail your safe to a wall or the floor (on the topic of safe’s, you should also store them away from windows and client/visitor view – just knowing that you have a safe can advertise that you are storing valuables.


Run background checks on staff


Sometimes the crooks aren’t the people outside your office, but those inside. Whilst you should trust your stuff and not become a paranoid boss, hiring that one bad egg can be prevented by running background checks on all staff. The most common security check is the DBS (formerly known as a CRB), checking for any previous criminal convictions. In schools and medical care this is more commonly becoming standard practice.


Regularly change codes and passwords


A code activated alarm or an email password will be shared with multiple members of staff – perhaps even cleaners and computer technicians. Regularly changing these codes and passwords can help to prevent any leaks to unwanted outsiders. All it takes is for a jaded ex-employee or shady stand-in cleaner to pass on the code/password and your whole security could be compromised. Keep these important points of access safeguarded, avoiding obvious codes and passwords and having regular meetings to notify staff of changes.

Creative Ways To Take Your Office Security To The Next Level