The Perfect Startup Idea For The Holiday Season




It may only be October, but, that doesn’t stop us thinking about Christmas. There’s just about two months until the holiday season is upon us. For most of us, that means rejoicing in the wonderful Christmas spirit. And, for all of us, it means things get extremely hectic, particularly when you go shopping.


It also means that businesses are working in overdrive. Especially those in the retail industry, who have it harder than most. What I want to talk about is how the holiday season is a great opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs. I have the perfect startup idea that will bring you profits in the holiday season.


My idea is to start a company that makes and sells unique Christmas items. Primarily, you should sell decorations and little stocking fillers. People will search long and hard for new Christmas decorations or little things to put in their children’s stockings. If you make and supply them, then you can earn a lot of cash.


Naturally, with an idea like this, a lot can go wrong if you don’t know what to do. So, I have some tips that will help you move in the right direction.



Decide On Some Designs

The first concern will be deciding on what you want to sell. To do this, you need to draw up some designs and compare them. Get a few heads together and think of gaps in the market. Come up with Christmas decorations that are unique. It’s vital that you get the designs finalized and sorted as they’ll be the base for manufacturing. Plus, you can use your designs to get feedback and see if your ideas are worth creating or not.

Manage The Manufacturing

Obviously, making the products is very important. You want to ensure you find a good supply chain, and can get things for cheap. Then, you want to make everything with minimum fuss and effort, ensuring you’re highly efficient. Some manufacturing companies use systems like Epicor ERP to help them be more productive and efficient. If you’re new to this, don’t worry, plenty of companies offer Epicor ERP consulting. My advice is to do whatever you can to manage the manufacturing side of things and be as productive as can be.

Sell With Ease

Once you’ve made your products, you want to sell them to consumers. It’s vital that you find the easiest way to do this. Make selling simple, and create an online store. Here, people can find your products online, and purchase them. All you need to do is work out the shipping arrangements. Find a reliable company that will get your products to your customers quickly, and undamaged.


I know, some of you may think it’s too early to think about Christmas. But, if you want to start a small business in time for the holiday season, you should act now! The good thing about this idea is that you’re free to do what you want when the holidays are over. This could be a little side project for you while you work/run another business at the same time. In which case, you can put things on hold and go back to your daily routine until next year. Alternatively, you can expand this business and start manufacturing things all year too. It’s entirely up to you!

This article was provided by ellie jo

The Perfect Startup Idea For The Holiday Season