3 Perfect Product Promotion Tips For Your Startup

People can spend years working on a new product. All their hard work could go down the drain if the product wasn’t promoted properly meaning hardly anyone knew about it. To prevent this from happening to your next product, here are some genius promotion tips:


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Use Social Media

Social media is by far the best way to promote products in the modern era. For me, there are three sites I advise you to use; Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Why? Because they’re the best for teasing people with pictures and videos of your product. Twitter is good for posting little updates and counting down until your product launch. Instagram is brilliant for sharing images and sneak peeks of your product in short videos. YouTube is the biggest video sharing site in the world which makes it ideal for uploading a teaser trailer of your new product and getting people excited for the launch. Plus, all three of these platforms are brilliant for strategic advertising. Pay to get your tweets or Instagram posts promoted and seen by more and more people. Pay to promote your YouTube trailer, and it will be played as an advert for people before they watch other videos. Social media advertising broadens your reach and gets more people interested in the product.

Create Product Guides

Product guides are a great way of promoting your product while explaining more about it to the consumer. Essentially, they’re like small booklets or leaflets that contain information on your product as well as images and other content too. Of course, the design and content of your product guide may differ when compared to someone else’s. My advice is to, firstly, ensure you get a quality product guide created and don’t just use paper or cheap card. There are loads of companies out there like Alpha Card that can provide product guides for you. Secondly, ensure the tone of the guide fits with your brand image and the product you’re releasing. Finally, find ways of handing these out to as many people as possible. A couple of ideas include posting them to current customers or handing them out at a trade show or business event.


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Host A Product Launch Event

The key to maximising product promotion is by hosting a launch event. This is where you finally get to showcase your finished product to the world. There are a couple of essential tips that can make this launch more effective and help promote your product even more. Firstly, invite industry people and celebrities to the launch. For example, if you’re releasing a tech product, invite tech reviewers, bloggers, and vloggers. If you have people there that have an influence on the internet, then it will mean you get increased promotion. They can tweet about the event, and all their followers will now know about your product. Secondly, ensure you live stream the event on social media to allow others to view it too.

With all these tips under your belt, you will promote your product perfectly. Interest will be generated, and you’ll see plenty of pre-orders and some great first-day sales figures.

3 Perfect Product Promotion Tips For Your Startup