How to Come Up with a Killer Business Idea

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So, you want to be an entrepreneur, make lots of money and achieve global domination. That’s a fine goal to have, but first, you need a really killer business idea.


There are literally millions of people out there who have the exact same dream as you, and now that there are grants, business loans for bad credit, and websites like Kickstarter to help them along, more people than ever are taking the plunge and starting out on the path to entrepreneurship. What this means for you is that you need to be different. You need to come up with a concept that will blow the competition out of the water and make your business stand out. I can’t give you that idea, but I can give you some tips to increase your creativity so that you can find your own way.


Think About the Future


The most successful startups are the ones that predict the future. They’re ahead of the curve, and they give people things that will improve upon current technology. A good example of this would be Amazon’s Alexa, which makes the use of current media technologies, easier and more fun to use. So, take a look at all of the products and services that are big now and think about how you could make them even better in the future and you’ll likely hit upon that one big idea that changes everything.


Fix a Problem


Is there something that really niggles you? Something that gets under your skin, but there just doesn’t seem to be a solution available? Take action and find that solution. Chances are, if something bugs you, it books a decent percentage of the population too, and that could be enough to give you a very successful business.


Find a New Niche

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Thanks to the internet and the increasing number of startups, most common niches are pretty saturated which means it can be had for a newbie to break into their chosen field. Instead of trying to make your way into one of these niches, why not try to find a new niche all of your own? Just take a look on Etsy, and you’ll see that many people are making a living from creating unique and unusual products that you won’t find in mainstream stores. It might take a bit more thought, but if you can find something new, you will more easily stand out, and this could pave the way to your future fortune.


Use Your Skills in a New Way


Make a list of all the skills you have and think about how they could be applied to a different field than the one you currently use them for. If you’re a great artist, but it’s tough to sell paintings, why not turn your hand to creating digital comics or offering a book cover creation service? Do something different, and you could reap the rewards.


Innovate in a Tired Market


If there is a particular sector that is doing okay, but there haven’t been any major innovations in recent times, try to think of new ideas to improve them. Making a simple change to a common product, which makes it even a little more convenient to use, can earn you millions if you sell it well.


What are your top tips for finding that killer idea that will make you millions and change your life?


How to Come Up with a Killer Business Idea