Letting Your Company Go: A Goodbye Or A Bad-Bye?

Is there ever a time to say goodbye to a company? There comes a time in every part of a business where you need to decide to upscale your company to the next level, which will involve a lot of change, or whether you have done all you can do with it and need to start moving on to the next set of challenges in your life. It may be for positive or negative reasons, maybe it’s because you cannot do anything else with your company and you need to give it to a fresh set of owners (positive). Or because your company isn’t pulling in the custom you thought it would, and it’s better to cut your losses now (negative). Before you decide to let your company go, you need to ask yourself some honest but tough questions.

Will The Company Do Better Without My Input?

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Turning the spotlight on yourself in this respect is an essential part of the process. You need to remove yourself from the process somewhat and think about what you do for the company, are you a help or a hindrance? Do your leading practices not fit in with how the business operates now? You need to really dig deep to see if what you are doing is actually in the best interests of the business or are you doing the company, and yourself, harm in the process.

Is There Anything Better For Me Out There?



When we think about giving up or leaving our current position, we will inevitably look to our options out there. Do you have new ideas that you cannot develop within this framework, or are there business opportunity leads that suit your current mindset? Working with others or getting inspiration from new people can light a fire in you and actually make you realize that you have outgrown the business. New contacts you meet along the way may have exciting propositions for you and could be the beginning of a new business venture, one that may be much more lucrative than your current one.

Do I Just Need To Take A Break?



Sometimes it is as simple as taking some time away. The treadmill of networking events, hotels, traveling, meetings, and deadlines can take its toll on our wellbeing. Being the boss of a company at the start usually means long hours and endless stress, but can the business survive without you being there? It should! You have to relinquish some power otherwise you are causing a lot of damage to the company by just holding onto everything too tightly. This can have an effect on the day to day dealings, from the relationships with staff to the branding. If the business cannot sneeze without you saying so, what will happen if an emergency crops up? Are you just going to have to shut down the business for the day? Instead, start to delegate duties to others and leave the phone in the office now and again. It will be difficult to the begin with, but it is essential to making the business a self-sustaining operation.


Letting Your Company Go: A Goodbye Or A Bad-Bye?